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Growing from the humble beginnings of 1987 to provide product solutions to world- renowned apparel brands, Nobles continues to maintain its excellence through care for the client, products, invaluable workforce and the community. Bringing over three decades of knowledge and experience to the table, Nobles ensures that quality, ethical manufacturing and sustainability remain the cornerstones of our mission. With four state-of-the-art factories around Sri Lanka, Nobles caters to a worldwide clientele spurring the mission to transform the textile industry.

Mr. Sidath Wettimuny

chairmanSri Lankan Cricketer (1982 - 1987)

Sidath Wettimuny was a former Sri Lanka Cricket team opening batsman from 1982 to 1987. He was the first Sri Lankan cricketer to score a century in an international Test match. He was one of the most reliable opening batsmen in Sri Lanka cricket history, and he holds the record for the maiden century by a Sri Lankan cricketer at Lord's, scoring 190 runs. In 1985, his outstanding performance at Lord's earned him a spot as one of Wisden's five cricketers of the year. He became a match referee after retiring from cricket and was elected President of the Sri Lankan Cricketers Association in 2006. In 2015, he was the chairman of the SLC interim committee, administering and overseeing the SLC's operations. He twice opened the inning with his elder brother, the late Mithra Wettimuny, and his brother Sunil Wettimuny has also represented Sri Lanka at the Test level.

Nobleswear - Sidath Wettimuny | Chairman Nobleswear - Sidath Wettimuny | Chairman
Nobleswear - Sidath Wettimuny | Chairman


Our mission is to offer fabrics and garments whose design, quality and sustainability make them unique, maintaining the utmost respect for the environment and the people who work with us. We provide a personalised service with rigorous attention to detail in the production process, always adapting it to the specific requirements of the client and strictly complying with deadlines. All of this is done with the aim of continuing to lead the transformation of the textile industry.


Nobleswear - Sidath Wettimuny

Mr. Sidath Wettimuny


It is my joy to extend a warm welcome to you in the world of fashion, where threads weave stories of style and self-expression. As Chairman of Nobles Group, I am extremely proud of the path we have undertaken - a journey distinguished by an unshakable commitment to four essential pillars: Quality, Customer Satisfaction, Innovation, and Sustainability.

Quality is more than a virtue at Nobles; it's an obsession that pervades every stitch and seam. Our talented members tirelessly construct each garment, infusing it with extraordinary craftsmanship and attention to detail, driven by a quest for perfection. This commitment to excellence is not just a hallmark of our craftsmanship, but also a guarantee to our valued partners and the world's top brands.

Sustainability guides our every action in an era when responsibility to our world is vital. We acknowledge the significant environmental impact that our industry may have, and we are committed to leading by example. Our clothes don't just tell stories about fashion; they also communicate stories about ethical choices and a better future.

In conclusion, I want to thank our valued partners and consumers for their enduring faith, and our talented team for their unwavering dedication. We are stitching together a story of brilliance, innovation, and sustainability that will pave the way for a more elegant and responsible future.


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